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Live at Biddy McGraw's (2005) - Triple M Records

Live at Biddy McGraw’s captures the magic and energy that only a live performance between two virtuosos can deliver, and combines that with high-end studio quality sound rarely heard in a live album.

For Vance’s third acoustic release, his extensive jazz training & lap slide guitar blends with Griff Bear’s classical violin training & love of old time Celtic fiddle to produce a superlative example of Americana. The soul of the album, and much of the album’s thematic content center around the classic blues struggle: the spiritual uplifting of the music in contrast to the inherent “sin” involved in the musician’s lifestyle. This thematic contrast between sin and redemption, sadness and joy, life and death creates a superbly balanced tension throughout the album.

Live at Biddy McGraw’s begins with a joyful, life affirming cover of Hank Williams’ classic gospel style song of redemption, “I Saw the Light.” Following is an emotional juxtaposition with the duo’s cover of Johnny Cash’s “Let The Train Blow the Whistle.” Here Griff’s roughened vocals are in perfect concert with the plain spoken, unapologetic lyrics while Vance’s mournful slide guitar enhances the wistful mood of the song. “Redemption,” one of Vance’s biggest crowd-pleasers with high energy solos that virtually tear the roof off, is followed by a Bill Frisell instrumental that exudes such pure joy, the listener actually feels the musicians smile as they share in the elation of playing music together. With a careful eye for well placed tension and contrast, the duo then cover Bob Dylan’s lonely love song,“Buckets of Rain,” with sweet draining violin imbuing the song with the sincerity that its maker intended. Finishing out the musical journey beautifully is Griff’s “Sunset In Oregon.” A song about the joy of returning to a well-loved home after long travels, “Sunset In Oregon” drops the listener, and new friend, gently back on their own doorstep.

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Bittersweet (2003) - Triple M Records

On Bittersweet Vance embraces a traditional Americana/roots style, while his years of jazz training course through the work, a subtly apparent and polished undercurrent. Bittersweet shows Dylan to be an artist matured, one who has honed his vocal and song writing skills and become the master of his own style on lap steel slide guitar.

The lyrics of Vance's original songs are heart-wrenchingly honest and the themes so fundamental to the human condition that Vance's own songs blend seamlessly with the traditional and classic songs contained on the album.

The opening track, Silence, invokes the memory we all share of feeling uneasy with our existence and longing for the comforts associated with the warmth of home and the security of being a child.

Track 2, George & Sarah, is a modern-day "Jack & Diane" filled with romantic teen-age rebellion and the excitement of a first love.

Track 3, Vance's cover of Robert Johnson's, "Come on in my Kitchen," reminds us why Dylan received so much critical acclaim and national attention for his blues work.

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Cowboy Soul and Country Blues Volume 1 (2001) - Triple M Records

This CD:
  • Prompted Blues Revue to describe Dylan's lap steel slide guitar playing as "innovative."
  • Earned Dylan a place at The Blues Foundation's prestigious 2003 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.
  • Gained Dylan airplay on over 100 radio stations when the nationally syndicated radio show Blues Deluxe, featured Dylan's original blues tune, "Old Man Devil."

This album is available for sale nationally in record stores
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